english learning


The courses for kids are tailored to their needs, age and abilities.

For the youngest learners, in preschool, we have created programs that aim to develop their interest in the English language and make them enjoy the learning process. Parallel to this, we also want to instill in them the desire to learn more about the world and together to lay the foundations for their future schooling.

For the students in grades 1 to 5, the courses include a variety of activities – from participating in theater plays to music performances and recitals of English literature, aiming to familiarize the students with the British culture, traditions, and history. In addition, the programs focus on giving the learners the necessary tools to further develop their linguistic and grammatical skills. Furthermore it is here where we begin to prepare them for taking and successfully passing the Cambridge ESOl certificates.

The courses for teenagers and high-school students focus on solidifying their grammar skills, building and expanding playtheir range of vocabulary and expressions, and put the “final touches” on their preparation for taking the Cambridge certificates. The programs’s goal is to make the learners use English confidently and fluently!