english learning

Courses for adults

Our school offers standard and business English courses from level A1 to C2.
We prepare students for FCE, CAE and CPE and also for the business certificate levels: BEC Vantage and BEC Higher.
Besides the Cambridge exams, we offer courses for IELTS, SAT (verbal), GMATS (verbal).
We mostly follow the Cambidge Esol programs for teaching and courses preparation; in addition we use Oxford University Press textbooks.

The standard English courses up to level B1 including last for 100 student hours. The rest of the levels are taught for 120 student hours.
All business English courses are taught for 100 student hours.

languagesIn addition to teaching English language, we also have Spanish courses – level A1-C2; German course – levels A1-C2; French courses – levels A1-C2. These courses are taught for 70 student hours per level.