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Conversational English

The conversational courses are divided into 2 general groups – modular and film based. Bth of them are suitable for anyone who has successfully completed level B1 (intermediate) .

1. Modular English conversational course.
The course consists od 6 module, each 4 student hours long, which cover various topics and tackle different communication skills.
Module 1: Structures for planning, schedules, and vacations.
Module 2: Projects and budgeting.
Module 3: Shopping, structures for making choices and offers.
Module 4: Structures for agreement and disagreements, expressing approval and doubt, wishes and opinions.
Module 5: Structures for expressiong point of view, preferences and agreement.
Module 6: Structures for certainty and possibility.

The course is very practical and aims to improve the verbal communication skills of each learner. It is suitable for all learners with complete B1 Level.


2. Seven week long conversational English course taught through the watching of movies, based on a Cambridge Esol program.

The film based conversational course is a very effective method for developing and furthering any learners verbal skills. It is focused on the use of specific phrases which are used in every day situations and are helpful when having face-to-face conversations or meetings.

Why movies? It is through movies, that our learners can get accustomed to both hearing and observing the use of English in everyday situations and associate these same phrases to particular context, intonation and even feelings. It is a proven fact that this sort of learning methodology expediates the process of acquiring new vocabulary units and especially phrases. It is a way to learn vocabulary by observing, hearing and then repeating a practicing what has been seen.
Each class consists of the watching of part of a movie and than its discussion by reviewing new phrases and putting them in different context.

The course is practical and it aims to help learners overcome their natural unease at expressing themselves verbally in English by giving them the necessary language tools to be able to handle different conversational situations.